European Rabbit<br />
(Orytolagus cunniculus)<br />
In buttercups<br />

Happy Easter 2020

Happy Easter everyone. Well, what a time 'eh? Hardly the traditional Easter Sunday, not even a church service to be held today in the village. Never has a time in my life come when we've been made to sit up and listen, to take stock of our lives in such a dramatic way and to realise what we as humans should value the most. A huge slap in the face for most of us, confronting those questions that we've been busily ignoring or brushing under the carpet for so many years.

Now, I find it hard to describe what my feelings around religion really are, I admire a great many aspects of many different faiths as they all have so much in common. Even those that are not even recognised as 'organised faith'. Therein lies the answer  - the true meaning of the word 'faith'.

My old school motto was 'Faithful and True' and it's stuck with me over the years, I never realised at the time that it actually says a lot about our values and those fostered in those formative years.

To have faith is to have hope and that's one of the reasons why springtime is so important - it brings hope for the future, new life. Faith can take whatever guise you like, it doesn't have to be in a religious or spiritual context but simply to have a belief in something, a wholehearted  and honest belief without coercion or reward is what it truly means for us. For those of you less fortunate than me, in what seems like a very scary world right now, hold onto your faith in nature, in the goodness of people -  for the vast majority of us I truly believe have your best interests at heart. Be faithful to others too and true to yourself. We're are all in this together.

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