About - Tracey Rich

Animals, animals, animals...they've always been my love and passion. The natural world is the reason for getting behind the camera and I've been a professional photographer and writer for 18 years now (I know, since birth practically!).

I care deeply about the natural world and have a PhD in Zoology, specialising in behavioural ecology, I can watch animals forever and a day, they are endlessly fascinating, be they wild or those we share our lives with. For me, it's dogs that share my home, I have two crazy working cocker spaniels who are my pride and joy and occassional cause of much frustration and more often hysterical laughter.

Coming from a wildlife photography background, I have endless patience and dedication to photographing animals (and their people), it's important for me to understand my subjects and to read how they communicate with me, you have to know when they are happy, sad, excited or fed up to work with them and their individual personalities to express that in a photograph - a fleeting moment in time captured for you to cherish forever.

I'm sure that this connection with my subjects comes through in my images, and I work hard to look for inspirational and innovative ways to capture their uniqueness and personalities in a sympathetic manner.  My most valued investments are definitely the times I took to capture the images of my animals both past and present and they'd be the first material things I'd rescue from my burning house.

I really want you to share in the passion I have for the beauty all around us and the natural world. Why not get in touch and have a chat about creating some magical images for yourself and your best friend. To, forever, make you smile inside and out.

Happy days, Tracey

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