Testimonials - Tracey Rich

"I was very impressed with Tracey from the initial stages of planning Molly and Annie's photo shoot. She has brilliant suggestions for a location and we decided on Avebury for the shoot to take place. Tracey was warm and friendly to both myself and the girls on the day of the shoot, making us all feel at ease. She was lovely with the dogs and had a fantastic eye for truly stunning shots incorporating the beautiful background or close ups of the girls. I was delighted with the images produced as the girls cheeky personalities were really captured which was exactly what I wanted. It's 5 stars/paws from us!!" J. Kirby, Wiltshire, UK

"Tracey recently took some photographs of our dog, Paddy. He's a Black and Tan Terrier Cross and full of fun. Not only did Tracey take some absolutely wonderful pictures but she took the time to get to know Paddy's character and managed to capture this exactly. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Quite outstanding." D. Sollom, Wiltshire, UK

"Organising my pet’s photoshoot appointment was extremely easy. Tracey was accommodating with both timings and location. The breadth of her ideas was impressive and very welcome – natural poses in natural surroundings and full of character. Tracey put everyone at ease and especially had an affinity with my dog. A pleasurable experience all round and an excellent result." J. Clarke, Wiltshire, UK

"I recently asked Tracey if she could take some photographs of our much loved 'Chester', a Cavachon. The photos were to be framed as a special gift. Tracey's attention to Chester, making him relaxed and interested was second to none, the results speak for themselves and I hope anyone reading this takes a few moments to look at them. A lovely lady, superb professional results in both colour and black and white, with fine detail which accentuated his character. I cannot thank her enough. Fantastic!" M. Williams, Wiltshire, UK

" The dogs, and we, loved meeting you and doing the photoshoot. You captured them naturally and were so patient with them and us. We will be looking forward to printing the images to hang on our wall. Would highly recommend you." D. Cordery, Wiltshire, UK

"Well what can one say.... what a brilliant day which ended with a lovely coffee in a dog friendly coffee lounge and some stunning photos of my hounds. We, myself and my four Black Russian Terriers had an absolute ball with Tracey. The dogs took to Tracey immediately and that was great in bringing out the characters that I see everyday but never seem to be able to capture on film. The images I received from Tracey have been admired and coo'd over by family and friends. I am especially happy as I am able to use the photos professionally; as a trainer and breeder you always want people to see what you see in a dog, that spark, those nuances that make your dog the individual that they are... that's what you get with the photography of Tracey. When I get the next additions to my BRT family I know who will be called to help preserve those memories. Thank you Tracey." I Daly, Crucially Canine, Wiltshire, UK (www.crucially-canine.co.uk)

"What a wonderful experience! Tracey drove for an hour to come to our home to meet our 11-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Hamish, in his own territory. It was clear straight away that she had a rapport with him. We set off on a local walk, not really knowing what to expect, but Tracey soon spotted some suitable settings and put us all at our ease. Hamish posed beautifully for her! It was fascinating to see how she selected places to take photos and how easily she got Hamish to do what she wanted. They are amazing photos which perfectly capture Hamish’s character as well as that of the local countryside. To say we are delighted would be an understatement and we would thoroughly recommend Tracey to anyone who would like a professional record of their furry friend." The Williams Clan owned by handsome Hamish, Oxfordshire, UK

"You always think you can take good photos of your own dog - I have hundreds of great pictures of Watson, my Vizsla. But it wasn’t until Tracey got behind the camera that I saw the real difference a professional can make. Watson and I had a great morning with Tracey, visiting different locations and trying different shots and she made it a real pleasure - we had such a laugh! And the pictures she took were absolutely stunning. What a huge difference! Thank you Tracey." N Barnes and Watson the wonder dog, Berkshire, UK

"Ally and Ozzy, my two huskies thoroughly enjoyed their photoshoot, in fact it turned out to be a fun walkies for them in the forest and alongside the canal. Ozzy never stands still for long and Ally is a nervous dog, so it was great to see how Tracey naturally put them at ease, is unobtrusive and has infinite patience. When I received the photos - WOW they were amazing. Thank you so much Tracey." Mr Reynolds and the hairy huskies, Wiltshire, UK

"Tracey completely captured the essence of Tali our Vizsla and we have some wonderful pictures of her. It can't be easy working with a very excitable over-grown puppy, but Tracey was very patient and made the whole process fun for Tali." The Websters and elegant Tali, East Sussex, UK

"Some of our most treasured photographs are those of our family taken by Tracey. I had not anticipated, just how brilliantly the images of our children with our much loved dogs, Molly and Nelly, would turn out. Incredibly natural, they really do capture the true essence of our family. Thank you so much Tracey". The Wilcock family and loving labradors, Hampshire, UK

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